3 of the best YouTube videos to watch before Star Wars

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for. Star Wars… dun, dun, dun! In honor of it’s epic release, here are a few of the best videos floating around this planet.

“The Punster,” aka weather lady from the UK, nailed it with her forecast

Musical — and YouTube sensations — Peter Hollins and Lindsay Sterling, created this witty masterpiece.

You’ll see a lot of these floating around the web but this one is different because of the introduction and conclusion… You’ll see what I mean when you watch it.

Jimmy Fallon goes acapella with the the Star Wars cast

Just sit back and enjoy!

Things People Did in 2015 That Will Amaze You

Just when you thought the world was a terrible place and there is no hope left for humanity, this video comes along and amazes everyone!

Not because these people are doing service that deserves an award or shoutout, but rather, because they are living life to its fullest every single day.

People can do phenomenally awesome things! This video is a friendly reminder of exactly that. Now, let’s all go do something awesome.