What Central Park Looks Like Since Pokemon Go’s Release

Central Park pokemon

You’ve seen articles about it creeping into your social feeds. You may have even seen a few people in your neighborhood or populated areas holding their phones, walking about aimlessly.

This walk is different from the regular “text and walk” we’ve all grown accustomed to. This particular walk has Pokemon Go stamped on it.

Just check it out… Here’s Central Park in New York City.


Nintendo sure isn’t complaining, and neither are its stock holders. Market value for Nintendo has increased by $7.5 billion, according The Verge. Absolutely insane. This game is not only sweeping the nation, it’s becoming a phenomenon.

Hats off to Nintendo though, they’ve managed to create a game that successfully mixes reality with virtual reality. It’s getting people outside, walking around … but they’re all on their phones and not interacting much with other human beings. You can decide whether or not that’s good.

P.S. I read one account that states Pokemen Go has full access to read your Gmail. Just keep that in mind. Potential privacy concern.


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