Hey Homie, here are 4 reasons I’m your next Marketing Manager


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I don’t take Homie for the type of brand that wants a traditional, snoozefest of a cover letter from an applicant. Well, the good news for you is that I’m not your average applicant, therefore, you won’t be getting an average cover letter.

Instead, what you’ll be getting is a blog post telling you why you should hire me and why I want to work at Homie.

First things first, a proper salute. Ya know, to start things off right.


When I walk in that door first thing every morning, this is what you’ll get from me — a solid, happy salute. Because you deserve it. Not to worry, though, I’ll be fully clothed.

Now, let’s get the real reason we’re here, shall we?

#1 I have the experience you want and need

I’ve been using social media for years to increase brand awareness, engage audiences, and drive traffic to dedicated landing pages. At Homie, you don’t want somebody in charge of your social media who is boring and stiff, I’m fairly certain you want someone who is creative, witty, and strategic.

giphy (5)

Yes, me!

#2 I speak fluent social media

giphy (2)

Like Betty White, I too speak fluent social media. I work hard to find what my audience actually likes, then I create content for social media that matches their preferences while still promoting the brand.

#3 Disruption isn’t just a buzzword, it’s in my DNA

giphy (3)

Disruption is in my DNA, but not the annoying kind. I’m talking disruptive innovation, you know, like what Homie is doing to the real estate market as I write and you read.

Yeah, that type of disruption.

Every product I’ve worked on has had the goal to be disruptive within its sphere. I’d like to continue that trend with Homie.

#4 I’m strategic and analytical

giphy (4)

Remember Data from the Goonies? Of course, you do! Well, instead of carrying around a spring-loaded boxing glove in my jacket, I take a more strategic approach to getting the job done.

You see, I’m fond of using analytics and data (information, not the Goonies character, just to be clear) to drive further strategy for marketing initiatives.

Well, have I convinced you yet that I’m your guy? I sure hope so!

Signing off!

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