13 of the best ugly Christmas sweaters you can get on Amazon now

ugly christmas sweater party

I recently purchased a few Christmas sweaters from Amazon, ya know, to start the season off right and all. I’ve now worn each of them once and I have to say, I’m extremely pleased.

So pleased, in fact, that I decided to write a blog post with some of my favorites to share with you. So, here’s the deal. I’ve scoured Amazon for the best ugly Christmas sweaters out there, and I’ve given you my favorites all in one place.

Let’s get started.

The Christmas Llama — See it on Amazon

llama ugly christmas sweater

The classic red and white of Christmas come together in a new fashion with Mr. Llama and his scarf.

The Christmas T-rex — See it on Amazon

t-rex ugly christmas sweater

Don’t act like you didn’t crack a smile when you saw those little itty-bitty T-Rex arms dangling in the sweater.

The Ultimate 90s Christmas Sweater — See it on Amazon

fresh prince of bel air, will smith, christmas sweater

This is where the line between need and want becomes extremely blurry. Isn’t it just incredible?

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation ugly sweater — See it on Amazon

christmas vacation ugly sweater

It has just about everything you need to remind you of Clark Griswold and the crew. Although, on second thought, it’s a bummer it doesn’t have cousin Eddie holding a septic tank hose in his bathroom.

Todd and Margo Christmas Vacation Sweater 1— See it on Amazon

Todd and Margo Christmas Vacation Sweater 1

Perfect his and hers sweaters.

Todd and Margo Christmas Vacation Sweater 1 — See it on Amazon

Todd and Margo Christmas Vacation Sweater

No need to think twice about it, just buy them both.

One of the coolest stand-a-lone sweaters of all time — See it on Amazon

santa riding a unicorn ugly sweater

Yes, that is Santa riding a unicorn in space. Breathtaking, I know.

The Chewbacca — See it on Amazon

star wars chewbacca christmas sweater

It’s hard to say no to a Star Wars themed Christmas sweater, let alone when it one of Chewy.

Christmas with the Dark Side — See it on Amazon

darth vader christmas sweater

The classic quote is a classic sweater.

A cheap, quick win — See it on Amazon

santa riding a t-rex sweatshirt

The mere imagery of Santa riding a T-Rex is wonderful… but to have it on a sweatshirt? Even better!

Jurassic Park Christmas Sweater — See it on Amazon

jurassic world christmas sweater

This is one is arguably one of my favorites of all time. It’s just… spectacular.

The Famous Leg Lamp — See it on Amazon

A christmas story sweater

Careful now, it’s “fragile.”

Buddy the Elf — See it on Amazon

buddy the elf christmas sweater

I couldn’t leave out Elf. I literally couldn’t. That movie has done too much for us all to be thrown aside at this time of year.

Well folks, there you have it. As you may have guessed, I had to exercise some serious self-restraint while putting together this post. I hope you see some of you wearing one of these sweaters this holiday season. If you buy one, send a pic my way!

Hey Homie, here are 4 reasons I’m your next Marketing Manager


Hey Homie, (1).png

I don’t take Homie for the type of brand that wants a traditional, snoozefest of a cover letter from an applicant. Well, the good news for you is that I’m not your average applicant, therefore, you won’t be getting an average cover letter.

Instead, what you’ll be getting is a blog post telling you why you should hire me and why I want to work at Homie.

First things first, a proper salute. Ya know, to start things off right.


When I walk in that door first thing every morning, this is what you’ll get from me — a solid, happy salute. Because you deserve it. Not to worry, though, I’ll be fully clothed.

Now, let’s get the real reason we’re here, shall we?

#1 I have the experience you want and need

I’ve been using social media for years to increase brand awareness, engage audiences, and drive traffic to dedicated landing pages. At Homie, you don’t want somebody in charge of your social media who is boring and stiff, I’m fairly certain you want someone who is creative, witty, and strategic.

giphy (5)

Yes, me!

#2 I speak fluent social media

giphy (2)

Like Betty White, I too speak fluent social media. I work hard to find what my audience actually likes, then I create content for social media that matches their preferences while still promoting the brand.

#3 Disruption isn’t just a buzzword, it’s in my DNA

giphy (3)

Disruption is in my DNA, but not the annoying kind. I’m talking disruptive innovation, you know, like what Homie is doing to the real estate market as I write and you read.

Yeah, that type of disruption.

Every product I’ve worked on has had the goal to be disruptive within its sphere. I’d like to continue that trend with Homie.

#4 I’m strategic and analytical

giphy (4)

Remember Data from the Goonies? Of course, you do! Well, instead of carrying around a spring-loaded boxing glove in my jacket, I take a more strategic approach to getting the job done.

You see, I’m fond of using analytics and data (information, not the Goonies character, just to be clear) to drive further strategy for marketing initiatives.

Well, have I convinced you yet that I’m your guy? I sure hope so!

Signing off!

giphy (1)

Social Media: Living in a digital world

In case you didn’t know already, I work in the wonderful world of marketing and in today’s world, that means social media! Even if I’m not logged in my own Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ account, I’m posting and checking posts for several other fan pages I manage for work.

I’m expected to know the latest Facebook algorithms and whether or not my posts will reach my brand’s fan base. I read articles daily on the latest trends of different social networks and I monitor Twitter regularly to tweet, retweet and see what’s trending. I speak the #hashtag language fluently and actually know why it exists.

I suppose I’m telling you all of this so you know I’m not a rookie when it comes to social media. The entire point of this post comes from questions I am constantly asking myself… “How connected do I want to be?” “What is the right balance?”

I have to ask myself those questions to keep myself in check. After all, I’m just like many of you who pull out your phone anytime you take a break from anything or when there is a lull in conversation. Need to fill up my water cup? My phone is coming with me.

Short restroom break? My phone is out on the walk there. Sitting in a waiting room? I’m not going to be the guy who looks at all the other people on their phones, I’m going to be the guy who is on the phone.

Where do you fit in? Do you feel like you have to post every picture you take to Instagram or Facebook? Do you have to live tweet every time your favorite TV show is on?

The reason I give these examples and ask such candid questions is because as a society we are becoming so connected that often times I think we become uncomfortable when we aren’t connected. I know I’ve felt that way, and I consider myself well versed in interpersonal communication. After all, when was the last time you intentionally left home without your phone? Or didn’t get uncomfortable when your phone died and you didn’t have a charger? My point exactly.

I found this video online which I think is brilliant in every sense of the word. It depicts so vividly the need to be connected.

SOCIAL NETWORK from Beomseok Yang on Vimeo.

Interestingly enough, it makes me actually want to be less connected. I don’t want to be that reliant on social media and technology to feel good about myself. What does the video do for you?

Ultimately, it makes me want to put down my phone a bit more and enjoy the details that make up everyday life. It’s like that moment in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty when Walter has a conversation with the photographer who is about to capture a picture of an extremely rare animal… What happens in the scene is amazing.

Context: Sean O’Connell has just spotted the animal and tells Walter Mitty to look through the lens. Walter sees it and the following conversation transpires:

Walter Mitty: When are you going to take it?

Sean O’Connell: Sometimes I don’t. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.

Walter Mitty: Stay in it?

Sean O’Connell: Yeah. Right there. Right here.

Overall, I hope I’ve inspired someone with this post, even if it’s just myself, to take advantage of the moments that make up each day and to live a bit more in actual reality than in our virtual reality… even if it’s more comfortable there.

Eyes Wide Open


Technology… what a beautiful thing. Have you ever stopped to think about your journalism career? Wait, wait, wait! You? A journalist? Yes, actually. We all are journalists to an extent, even if we don’t write fancy headlines or work in a media industry. The very ways we communicate make us self-proclaimed journalists.

Think about your daily conversations. You thinking? Good. Within the past week, you’ve probably talked to someone you know about something that fits into one of the following categories: Entertainment, Family Life, Faith, Finances, Education. You may just say, “Well, those are broad categories that pertain to everyone.” You’re not wrong. Nevertheless, you still talked to someone about them.

The reason I bring that up is that those five topics happen to be five major areas of editorial emphasis for journalists. Now you are armed with a smartphone, social media, a camera that’s always with you, and you are constantly being bombarded with messages that encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas. Yep, you’re a journalist, and by default, I’m a journalist too. Therefore, you can expect my eyes to be wide open as I go through my days, weeks, etc. and I’m going to bring you what I see. I hope you’ll visit me often and share your ideas with me.

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