Eyes Wide Open


Technology… what a beautiful thing. Have you ever stopped to think about your journalism career? Wait, wait, wait! You? A journalist? Yes, actually. We all are journalists to an extent, even if we don’t write fancy headlines or work in a media industry. The very ways we communicate make us self-proclaimed journalists.

Think about your daily conversations. You thinking? Good. Within the past week, you’ve probably talked to someone you know about something that fits into one of the following categories: Entertainment, Family Life, Faith, Finances, Education. You may just say, “Well, those are broad categories that pertain to everyone.” You’re not wrong. Nevertheless, you still talked to someone about them.

The reason I bring that up is that those five topics happen to be five major areas of editorial emphasis for journalists. Now you are armed with a smartphone, social media, a camera that’s always with you, and you are constantly being bombarded with messages that encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas. Yep, you’re a journalist, and by default, I’m a journalist too. Therefore, you can expect my eyes to be wide open as I go through my days, weeks, etc. and I’m going to bring you what I see. I hope you’ll visit me often and share your ideas with me.

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