3 super simple ways to exercise your creativity everyday

Ideas. The world is full of them yet when you want a good one it seems they’re nowhere to be found. Perhaps you’ve felt that way, but here’s the good news. When you’re trained to recognize ideas you’ll come to realize they’re actually everywhere… and you’ve probably been having them all along.

In my college days — I say that like they were so long ago (2 years and a bit) — I read a book titled, “How to Get Ideas.” I highly recommend it to anyone.

The author, Jack Foster, essentially claims that an idea is nothing more than the new combination of two or more existing elements. It’s taking existing things and putting them together in a new way.

He then makes the argument that the more you see in a day (read, watch, converse with people, etc.), the better your chances will be at catching something from the pond you fish from for new ideas. More you learn/see = more fish in pond.

Now that I’ve covered that and hopefully convinced you that you’re just as creative as the next guy, here are three super simple ways to exercise your creativity everyday.

1. Take a picture everyday

This used to be somewhat of a daunting — and expensive — task.  You remember, back in the days of camera film? Yeah, those days. Well, thanks to the wonderful world of smart phones, you’re an armed photographer. After all, the best camera is the one you have on you, my friend Ken Ahlstrom says that and I completely agree.

There you have it, whether it’s a selfie, felfie (family selfie) or something completely different, you should set a goal to take at least one new picture daily. You’ll be surprised how the creative juices will flow day after day.

Parker Macey crawls

My boy, Parker, planning his next move.

2. Reach out to someone different everyday

You’ve probably been the recipient of a random phone call, text message, tweet or Facebook message when an old friend is reaching out to keep in touch. It’s a great feeling when you know people care about you. So, how does this help your creativity?

The very process of selecting a different person everyday to contact requires a slice of creativity. Couple that with the personal, well-crafted message and voila! Each day you’ll make someone happy while becoming more creative.

contacting someone

Although the meme is extremely relatable, never underestimate the value of a phone call.

3. The daily doodle

If you keep a journal this is a great opportunity to doodle. Each day consider writing the date in a different format or trying to write something in a newly invented and personalized font. Create breakout boxes in your journal that are meant solely for doodling.

Even if you think your doodles are ridiculous, you’ll be surprised how creative this process makes you feel. For those who don’t journal, well… grab a piece of paper and pen. Even if you throw your designs away, just the action of doodling on something will spur creativity.


Now go try these three suggestions for a week and see if you feel more creative!


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