Origami and 2 other last minute Valentine’s Day ideas

There you are, yes, right now, wondering if you did enough for your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Sure you got him or her a gift (well, maybe you did), but how can you go above and beyond in a thoughtful, very quick way?

Here are a few ideas that will either enhance your existing gift or save your behind if you didn’t get anything for your loved one. Note: These can also be used for your mom or mother-in-law.

1. An origami heart

You can use it for decorating (it’s all about presentation) or the heart itself can be the gift.

  • Write a nice letter expressing your feeling for that person and fold it into a heart.
  • Make several hearts and use them as a coupon system. For example: Turn in one heart to redeem a 10 minute foot rub, etc.
  • Make tons of hearts and write something you love about your significant other on each one.

The video below is the best I’ve found to make an easy, yet aesthetically pleasing heart. Oh, and you’ll need to make the paper square beforehand. You can do that by folding the top left corner of the paper down to align with the right edge. Tear off the excess portion (about two inches) and you’ve got a square.


2. Write your feelings

This is just as simple as it sounds. Write down your feelings so your loved one can read them anytime. Take it a step further by buying a picture from and printing your letter and cutting it to size to fit the frame. It’s a great gift for an office desk or something that will go nicely on a night stand near their side of the bed.

Other options include:

  • Presenting a letter or poem to your loved one as an accompanying gift.
  • Making this activity a part of your date night. Have both parties write a letter.

Valentine's Day letter

credit: valentines-2015.com

3. Do the video thing

Maybe you have a great singing voice, maybe you don’t. Either way, make a video where your loved one can see your personality and a bit of emotion expressed. It doesn’t need to be insanely good quality (smart phone should suffice), it just needs to be you doing your thing. For me, I would probably take a more humorous route and cover an existing love song changing the words to fit our relationship. It’d probably be more humorous than anything, but I’d still get my point across about how much I love my wife.

Valentine's Day videocredit: sheknows.com

There you have it folks, good luck today and just remember…

You can't have no in your heart - Joe Dirt


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