Origami and 2 other last minute Valentine’s Day ideas

There you are, yes, right now, wondering if you did enough for your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Sure you got him or her a gift (well, maybe you did), but how can you go above and beyond in a thoughtful, very quick way? Here are a few ideas that will either enhance your existingContinue reading “Origami and 2 other last minute Valentine’s Day ideas”

3 super simple ways to exercise your creativity everyday

Ideas. The world is full of them yet when you want a good one it seems they’re nowhere to be found. Perhaps you’ve felt that way, but here’s the good news. When you’re trained to recognize ideas you’ll come to realize they’re actually everywhere… and you’ve probably been having them all along. In my collegeContinue reading “3 super simple ways to exercise your creativity everyday”

Social Media: Living in a digital world

In case you didn’t know already, I work in the wonderful world of marketing and in today’s world, that means social media! Even if I’m not logged in my own Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ account, I’m posting and checking posts for several other fan pages I manage for work. I’m expected to know theContinue reading “Social Media: Living in a digital world”

Bobby Macey – A Person and A Brand

I had the opportunity to speak at luncheon for scholarship recipients from the Deseret Management Corporation companies today. What a remarkable experience to reminisce considering I was one of these lucky recipients a mere two years ago. As you consider course work for college, applications for scholarships, jobs, graduate schools, etc. It’s easy to forgetContinue reading “Bobby Macey – A Person and A Brand”